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  • 🔥Selling🔥 - 2.5kg Live King Crab - Premium Fresh Food Delivery- Freshness Guaranteed

🔥Selling🔥 - 2.5kg Live King Crab - Premium Fresh Food Delivery- Freshness Guaranteed


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          Due To The Amazing Production Of Emperor Crabs This Year, We Decided To Sell Emperor Crabs At The Lowest Price In Exchange For Everyone's Love For Us.


          King Crabs Have A Big Price Cut Today, Limited To 500 Pieces, Handmade Snorkeling, Freshness Guaranteed! ! !




          Live King Crab - 4 Live Live King Crab - Only $43.96
          Live King Crab - 6 Live Live King Crab - Only $65.94
          Live King Crab - 8 Live King Crab (2 Free Gifts)=10 - Only $85.99


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          ⭐Fast Returns>> 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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          Our King Crab Is Full Of Meat, Refreshing And Sweet, This Is The Taste From Nature, Whether It Is Barbecue, Cooking, Salad, Etc. It Is The Best Choice


          【KING CRABS】 King Crabs Are Also Known As Rock Crabs Or Rock Crabs, Which Are Crustaceans Of The Rock Crab Family. They Are Not Real Crabs. They Are Mainly Distributed In Cold Waters. Named For Its Huge Size, It Is Known As The "king Of Crabs". King Crabs Belong To The Deep-sea Crabs, And Their Survival Depth Is 850 Meters, And The Survival Water Temperature Is 2-5℃.

          【NUTRITION VALUE】It Has A Good Nourishing Effect On The Body, And Eating Crabs Is Beneficial To The Recovery Of Tuberculosis. Chinese Medicine Believes That It Has The Effects Of Clearing Away Heat And Detoxifying, Replenishing Bones And Marrow, Nourishing Muscles And Blood, Clearing The Meridians, Strengthening The Limbs, Continuing The Injury, Nourishing The Liver And Yin, And Filling The Stomach. It Has A Certain Therapeutic Effect On Congestion, Injury, Jaundice, Waist And Leg Pain And Rheumatoid Arthritis.

          Our King Crabs Are All Caught At Sea By Our Professional Fishermen To Ensure 100% Wild Freshness

          There Are A Lot Of King Crabs, We Decided To Sell Them At The Lowest Price

          The King Crab From The Deep Sea Is Huge And Will Be The Most Delicious Food On The Table

          In Order To Ensure The Food Intake And Crab Meat Experience Each Time, We Only Catch 2kg-2.5kg Emperor Crabs, So Every Emperor Crab We Sell Is Very Good

          Product Name: Live King Crab
          Product Category: Fresh
          Storage method: frozen below -18℃, please consume the fresh products as soon as possible after receipt





          Customer Q&a

          Question: Is The Crab A Real Emperor Crab?
          Answer: Yes, Our Crabs Are Real Deep-sea Emperor Crabs
          Question: What Kind Of Distribution Can Ensure The Freshness Of King Crabs?
          Answer: We Use The Most Advanced Seaside Preservation Technology To Ensure That The King Crab Is Alive And Not Dead Within A Week;
          Question: Why Is Your King Crab So Cheap?
          Answer: Our Emperor Crabs Are All Caught By Our Own Fishermen, So They Are Much Cheaper Than The Emperor Crabs On The Market;

          Limited Quantity-please Take The Opportunity
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